3 Month Women's


By Coach J Lowe @jessica_lowe_coaching

Love your body, feel great and learn how to eat for life!

Our next program kicks off on October 1st 2020

Pre-consults and registration September 23rd-30th!



I’ve developed this program for YOU!

You’re ready to get serious about your way of eating, you want to feel great and you want results!  

This is not another fad diet.  

You know you want to get healthy, you just need the tools to make some serious changes. 

Lets dive deep into nutrients, our metabolic systems, hormones and mindset with my intensive program!

This program is not a one size fits all! It is designed to help YOU understand what nutrition approach is best for your body!

Plus I will help you break down the mental barriers that always seem to get in your way of success!


I am going to teach you what you need to know about nutrition, in a way that's simple to understand and easy to stick to (long-term) #nomorecaloriecounting  

Our goal is to teach you good nutrition for your life so you will always feel your best and be comfortable eating the food you love.  

This is a course for women who have struggled to find a healthy balance and relationship with food and are sick of living life on a yo-yo diet.  

We'll keep you on track, accountable & support every step of the way.  

I have years of experience in nutrition coaching, woman's health, helping people to drop fat, improve their relationship with food while increasing their energy and helping them overcome hormonal issues, such as insulin sensitivity, adrenal fatigue, PCOS and fertility.  

And now, I can't wait to help YOU!

This program is going to be intensive with over 20 educational lessons covering off the 12 factors to go sustainable fat loss, better energy and a better relationship with self.

Get nutrition clarity and find out what is right for your body!

What is included:

1:1 Coaching

Eliminate your own personal barriers and get personalised advice.

Weekly Educational Videos & live Q&A

Keeping you informed and on track.  

Meal Plan

Personalized to your hormonal needs, goals, macro and calorie breakdown. Without tracking your food!


A recipe book that will come with your personal plan and access to over 50 extra delicious, macro and calorie controlled recipes with the BONUS inclusion of my Happy Healthy Dinner Club for 3 months.

Join the other woman who have had huge success with this program!

Hi, I’m Jessica Lowe

I'm the Director of Happy Healthy Nutrition, a mum, Fitness Nutritionist and NLP Coach and I have been helping woman just like you for over 5 years.

I have developed a way of coaching that can benefit anyone, no matter their lifestyle or goals. In this Woman's Nutrition Clarity Coaching program we will create a plan that will give you the exact nutrients needed for your unique body composition. You will get unmatched results, all while eating delicious, nourishing food that will keep you satisfied. This is not a diet plan, it is a lifestyle change that you will not regret. 

Over the next 3 months you will learn how to eat so that you can get the results you desire the easy way. In way that will become your new way of life, because it all comes down to consistency which means education and mindset it KEY! Removing our own resistance is always the KEY TO OUR SUCESS!

I don't believe in calorie restriction, in fact my most common feedback is, " I have never eaten so much and lost so much weight. I feel amazing and this is so easy!" 

Join the hundreds of other woman I have helped in the past few years and learn how to sustain long-term results all while loving the food you eat and the skin you are in!

I don't tell you what to eat, I teach you how to eat. 

What people are saying...

"Not only have I seen great results in dropping weight and fat, but my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I no longer obsess over food, my stress levels are way down and I've learnt what works for my body and my lifestyle. I have Jess to thank for my new balance"

Hayley Saunders, WA

"During this program I experienced Better sleep, more energy, improved digestion and better mindset. I have a Better understanding of how my body reacts to different nutrition concepts such as bulk/cut, but also how to plan for myself and my goals. I decreased in body fat and increased in muscle mass. I have also noticed a huge change in mindset, not stressing so much if I have a meal out or weekend away. Making healthier relaxed choices means I have noticed how my body reacts to this change, reduced stress means less digestive upset/bloating.

I have learnt so much during this program. The educational lives and info emails are invaluable. Having them to refer back to keep me motivated. Jess’ enthusiasm and passion for all that she does is infectious.

Sarah King, WA


Here’s what you get:  

There are two options for this program: On-line or Personalized.

Weekly Group Coaching & Accountability:

Every week for 12 weeks you'll get a new educational lesson, perfectly timed for where you are on the journey. We’ll also meet in our VIP FB group for weekly Live Q&A. The coaching lives will center around specific nutrition based topics to help you on your journey and in total there are 20 lessons so you feel supported the whole way. 

We will work through the following 20 educational topics, including...

  • Pre-starting Date September 30th: Welcome to the Program & How the program works.
  • Week 1: Macros and Micros - all calories are not created equal and why understanding nutrients is so important.
  • Week 1: Meal plan types, what suits you and how to plan.
  • Week 1: Exercise- what, why and when!
  • Week 1: Dinner Club Meal Concepts - how to use them and make your meal plan flexible.
  • Week 1: Snacks & Snacking- what & why!
  • Week 2: Accountability & Food for Feeling Diaries  
  • Week 2: Carb Cycling
  • Week 2: LCHF- Healthy Fats & Inflammation
  • Week 3: Metabolic Hormones - Tips on how to increase Leptin, the fat burning hormone and balance your hormones with food.
  • Week 3: Detoxification.
  • Week 4: Supplements. 
  • Week 5: Eating Out - what to do when you can’t eat to plan.
  • Week 6: Nutrition support for your menstrual cycle.
  • Week 7: Sleep and how important it really is.
  • Week 8: Stress (adrenaline & cortisol) how does stress affect your metabolic system and ability to burn energy.   
  • Week 9: Intuitive and Emotional Eating.
  • Week 10: Self sabotage & Negative beliefs.
  • Week 11: Gut Health - the gut brain connection & good mood food.
  • Week 12: Making change for life and what's next.    
  • Week 12: December 23rd program ends: Celebrating our success ready for 2021.

Weekly Recipes Enjoy weekly recipes from our hugely successful Dinner Club, created by Fitness Nutritionist, Jessica Lowe.  

The best part? You will get a meal plan that is personalised to you with a recipe book you can always use. After this 3 month program, you will know exactly how to create your own personalised meal plans to suit your specific needs so that you can continue using what you’ve learned for life!

Community Support & Accountability This community group is not just for education, it’s a place to be inspired, motivated and to share your success stories. Imagine having a community of women committed to the shared goal of making great nutrition a lifestyle. A community where you can all work together to push past the barriers of self-sabotage. This program combines the best of both worlds, group community support and your own personal coach, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The personalised option includes: the added bonus of a 1:1 nutrition coaching meeting with Jessica Lowe (face to face or zoom call) at the start of the program and at the end of the of the program- last two weeks before Christmas. If you are local and decide on face to face your consult will include the optional benefit of a body scan at no extra charge.

Personalised Option

3 installments

AUD $249

payable monthly

Limited spaces, first in best dressed. Consults start Sept 23rd and once consulted you will get your meal plan!

On-line Option

3 installments

AUD $99

payable monthly

Unlimited spaces just sign up before September 30th to complete your on-line consult form in time for your meal plan.