Designed for people who are totally confused about what to eat?

Who want to feed their family more nourishing meals and want to be “Happy” in your own skin?

Be inspired with on-line nutrition education, nutrient rich, macro balanced weekly recipes, seasonal meal plans the whole family will enjoy, so you can feel energised, maintain a healthy weight and save money at the checkout!

Plus access to members benefits like discounted challenge meal plans and body scans.


With the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club you can stop stressing about food and what to eat because the work has been done for you! Our macro meal concepts will help you learn about what is best for you to eat for your body & goals.

You'll never have to worry about your health, weight, what to cook, how to meal plan, or keeping the kids happy at dinner time ever again. Our weekly recipes books have options for breakfast, lunch an dinner to keep you inspired and eating your best.

You want to cook healthy meals for your family but there is so much information out there you don’t know where to start. You know you and your kids have different needs. It all seems too hard!

With the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club you get 5 new healthy and easy recipes every single week! Plus seasonal recipes book with example meal plans every 3 months.

You’ve tried diets and meal plans in the past and it just doesn’t work with your family, you end up cooking several meals a night and you get frustrated and give up! Sound familiar? 

I hear you, I am a mum and I run a business- I have no time for fuss in the kitchen. I want quick, easy, healthy and delicious meals that our family can enjoy! I realise Mums need help knowing how to feed their families and themselves without gaining weight! This is why our easy to understand macro meal concepts can help you and we teach you how easy it is with our on-boarding learning series and weekly recipe educational live.

You tried keto, fasting and other crazy fad diets in the past and even though you got results at the start, you could not maintain it and found it restrictive. Not to mention the hidden health problems these diets start.

Diets do not work but consistent nourishment always will!

You workout and never seem to have any energy for your training and wonder why you bother because you never seem to lose any weight. Plus you are too tired to even consider meal planning!

The Nutrition Club meal concepts help you understand nutrients for energy and performance making good nutrition simple!

You work so much that the thought of even eating is overwhelming let alone thinking about healthy meals and getting your macros & calories right. 

All of the Nutrition Club Meals are calculated for you, they are all calorie controlled and high protein! Plus you get shopping list and planning tools- the only thing you have to do is cook!






I am Jessica Lowe, Fitness Nutritionist and Owner of Happy Healthy Nutrition and when it comes to fat loss, feeding a family and maintaining a healthy weight I know a thing or two.

I am a mum and have been coaching people with body composition goals for over 5 years, so I know that the common roadblocks you experience can include:


No time to plan or prepare 


No idea where to start or what is healthy!


No time to cook, which means meals need to be quick and easy with minimal ingredients.


Most people can’t afford a personalized program 

The Happy Healthy Nutrition Club offers not only healthy macro & calorie balanced recipes, it also offers weekly education video's so you can learn my tips and tricks and practice good nutrition for life. I promise this will help you make a real change.

And if you need more support we also offer Nutrition Coaching with our qualified team of Nutritionists. This includes monthly 1:1 Coaching with your own Coach.


The guesswork of eating healthy is completely removed with the easy to learn Nutrition Club Meal Concepts and Monday to Friday Dinner Meal Plans. 


There are meal concepts to suit all types of goals and body types and understanding the philosophy is easy with the support of the on-line community and weekly educational videos! 



Let me lay this out for you...


Every Friday you get an email from me (Jessica Lowe) with 5 new delicious Recipes that you can put into our calculated flexible meal plan templates, so you can face a new week with ease.


We get it planning and shopping seems over whelming. That is why there are blank planners and shopping lists, so you do not have to think, we have done the work for you!

This will save time and money! 


You can use leftovers for lunches to save and money, or select other delicious lunch or breakfast options from our seasonal recipe books options which are included for FREE!! 

You do you and let our tools and recipes support you!


The meal concepts can be adapted so if you do exercise a lot, we cater for you as well. 

And if you want to lose weight we suggest our challenges.


Hi I am Jessica Lowe, the creator of the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club.

Just 7 years ago I was a burnt-out corporate worker and I struggled with feeling energised, happy, and healthy. I was managing to maintain a healthy weight, but it took so much work and I had to attend 6-7 exercise classes a week, walk every day and play netball and it left me feeling tired, fatigued, miserable, and depressed! Not to mention the longer affects on my hormones- I get it ladies!

This is when I decided to study nutrition and find a better way. It changed my life, I realised what was healthy when it came to food, I learnt all about macro-nutrients and I changed my eating to suit my training. I got amazing results, I looked my best and I felt so energised because I was eating more of the right things. Feeling inspired, I decided to make it a career and help others feel the same.

After working as a Nutritionist for a couple of years I started building personal meal plans for clients using my delicious recipes that I created myself. It was not long until I realised my gift, people loved eating my food and they loved feeling their best because my macro recipes made it simple. Knowing not everyone can afford a personalized meal plan and that I can’t write a plan for everyone, the Dinner Club was born (now known as Nutrition Club) offering more than just dinners. I also wanted to help people more than just giving them recipes, I wanted to teach them how to eat! The Nutrition Club gives you all of the tools you need to make lasting change and the process is simple! Since 2018 it has helped hundreds change their life with food. Check out our testimonials.


The secret is to learn how to balance your macros, nourish and not focus so much on calories! 

To do this we all need to go back to the basics of good whole food nutrition with the correct macro-nutrients to nourish your body so you don’t feel deprived and can truly thrive!

I’ll give you a great example about Jenna, our very first Nutrition Club Member! 

Jenna had tried everything, she tried all the diets and was frustrated, tired mum of 3 who desperately wanted to get back to her pre-baby body of a size 10. Every time she tried to go to the gym or start a new diet, life of being a mum just got in the way. 

Until, she reached out to Jessica Lowe and started the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club! Jenna found the dinner recipes so easy to cook and they worked in with her family, even with 3 kids. Instead of being harder for her the process actually saved her time and money and she was able to stick to it!  

Jenna lost 14 kilos in 6 months with the Dinner Club and went from a size 14 to a size 8. She is still a member today and has kept the weight off. 

Here's what Jenna had to say...

“I was stoked with the results I made in just four weeks, I lost 4kgs! After 5 months I reached my goal weight and went from a size 14 to a size 8! I'm loving all the learning- especially about the things that are marketed as “healthy” or good for you and actually are not. It is just plain and simple good food doing its thing and it is so exciting to watch the fat fall off! Thanks so much for all your help and support, you make it so easy. This is such a great thing to be a part of."


Imagine what life will be like when you don’t have to think or stress about what to cook and eat again!

Imagine what having a plan for what you will eat each week, knowing you are eating your best to be happier and healthier!

The process is simple once you learn all about the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club Meal Concepts.

We promise you sustainable results like Jess Kirby one of our past clients pictured below.


Seasonal Recipes when you join (new every 3 months) Weekly Recipes with over 3 family friendly dinner recipes, plus a variety of breakfasts, lunches and snacks which are in our exclusive macro calculated meal concepts to make good nutrition simple, easy for you to understand and delicious!

Access to the VIP Club Community for education & support!

Nutrition Education every week! Plus FREE Nutrition Clarity Bible when you join!

Access to members benefits such as discounted challengers and body scans.

Option of doing 1:1 on-line coaching with your assigned Happy Healthy Nutritionist. Includes monthly 1:1 coaching, your nutritional needs calculated, body scans, flexible meal planner to suit your goals and needs, help with breakfast, lunch & dinner as well as the weekly Nutrition Club recipes and access to the VIP Community Group.

Seasonal Recipe Books for help with snacks, breakfasts, lunches and dinners!

Access to over 50 pre-recorded nutrition lessons.

Weekly shopping lists.

Are you ready to learn good nutrition for life?


3 month membership

Standard Membership with weekly recipes, shopping lists, education & community group.

Seasonal Recipe Books & Flexible example Meal Plans.

Cancel anytime.

$189 for 3 months

6 month or 12 month option

Standard Membership with weekly recipes, shopping lists, education & community group.

Seasonal Recipe Books & Flexible example Meal Plans.

$299 for 6 months or $500 for 12 months


Our members love it

"Good nutritional advice, support and valuable information." 

- Andrea Candy- WA

"I started the Dinner Club back in August 2019 and couldn't run 1km. I ran a half marathon 10 days ago! I still remember my first phone call with Jess and wow did I eat so bad - packets of ham, salami and crisps for lunch... terrible choices and I am so glad that has changed. I weigh 17kgs less now than I did this time last year!! From August my visceral was 15 and is now 8. So many great changes from eating better. Thank you so much Jess."

- Tammy Wade- WA

If you want to sign for 1:1 with our Nutritionist either Jessica or Zoe head to our main website by clicking here to find out more and sign up!

All of our 1:1 Coaching Programs include the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club.

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