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Join our supportive community and change your life with the goodness of healthy food! Get on track when you join with the info in our Nutrition Clarity Bible which includes education and bonus recipes to get your started.

Be inspired with weekly macro balanced recipes direct to your inbox and nutrition advice that makes sense! The Dinner Club has helped 1000's of people get sustainable results and improve their health, so why not join us! 

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 “I was stoked with the results I made in just four weeks, I lost 4kgs! After 5 months I reached my goal weight and went from a size 14 to a size 8! I'm loving all the learning- especially about the things that are marketed as “healthy” or good for you and actually are not. It is just plain and simple good food doing its thing and it is so exciting to watch the fat fall off! Thanks so much for all your help and support, you make it so easy. This is such a great thing to be a part of."

Jenna Van Bruchem- Perth WA

“I just love that I never have to think of what to cook and I never get bored, this stops me making bad choices.”

Kristy Botica- Perth WA

Is the Dinner Club for you?

  • Have you tried every diet under the sun and never seem to get sustainable results?
  • Are you sick of worrying about what to eat? 
  • Have you lost all creativity at dinner time and simply want the stress taken away?
  • Do you want to have more energy, look and feel amazing?
  • Do you want to know how to cook quick, healthy, easy dinners that the whole famly will enjoy?
  • Do you want to save money on your food bills?
  • Are you smashing yourself at the gym but not seeing the RESULTS you deserve? 
  • Are you CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT TO EAT and need a simple solution?
  • Would you love advice from a Nutritionist and can't afford to see one in person?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then the Dinner Club is for you!

When you join the Happy Healthy Dinner Club you will get:

  • Better understanding of food and how you should eat.
  • Macro Meal Plans & Education Vidoes.
  • Nutrition Clarity E-book with bonus recipes. Education all designed to bring you clarity around what and how to eat! Breakfast, lunch & snack recipes included.
  • Weekly macro balanced dinner recipes direct to your inbox, covering our macro balanced recipe guidelines all designed to give you easy meal solutions that support better health, energy and weight management.  
  • Results! Feel better, look better, eat better! 
  • All meal options and Happy Healthy Dinner Club meal concept nutrition principals have all been created & tested by Jessica Lowe who has been coaching people to better health with food for over 5 years! 
  • Weekly live support video explaining the nutrition technique used to design each recipe for optimal health & metabolic function. 
  • Community group & support with on-going motivation and accountability. 
  • Shopping lists, meal planners and much more!
  • Optional meal plans in our four popular concepts: LCHF, Carb Cycling, Balanced & Plant Based.
Join the Club and get your Nutrition Clarity Bible today! 

What are the members saying?

  • Keep up the AH-MAZING work Jess!! You are an incredible woman! Good nutritional advice, support and valuable information. Andrea Candy- WA
  • I've struggled with weight loss for a long time. The dinner club was recommend by several people. I love Everything about the Dinner Club. The recipes are delicious and so tasty. Jess is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful (and wants you to succeed), and the community is supportive and super friendly. Clare Tisdale- WA
  • I joined the Dinner Club becuase my husband dislikes my cooking and we were always eating the same boring meals. I can't beleive how much the Dinner Club has changed our lives. The meals are so easy to cook and the kids even love the food. Since joining up I have lost 7.3kgs and my husband has lost 12kgs. Sarah Cook- QLD
  • I started the Dinner Club back in August 2019 and couldn't run 1km. I ran a half marathon 10 days ago! I still remember my first phone call with Jess and wow did I eat so bad - packets of ham, salami and crisps for lunch... terrible choices and I am so glad that has changed. I weigh 17kgs less now than I did this time last year!! From August my visceral was 15 and is now 8. So many great changes from eating better and exercising regularly. Thank you so much Jess. Tammy Wade- WA

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