When you sign up to the Happy Healthy Coaching Program or purchase a meal plan you agree to the following terms and conditions:  

When you sign up to the Happy Healthy Coaching Program or purchase a meal plan you agree to the following terms and conditions:  

1. a) By signing up to any Happy Healthy Coaching Program you understand that it is a minimum sign up period is for 3 months and that to cancel your membership/contract you need to write to us explaining why you would like to cancel and a decision on cancellation is up to our discretion and you might be required to pay out the full program that you have signed up for.  

1.b) All coaching programs will be paid as per our current price list listed here: https://www.happynhealthy.com.au/nutrition-2/nutrition-and-wellness-plans/ 

2. All Happy Healthy Nutrition Club Members and coaching customers agree and understand that recipes must not be copied or shared with friends and family and they will do their best to refer people to join the Nutrition Club. All Happy Healthy meal planning tools, recipes, lessons and pdfs have been copyrighted and are protected under copyright laws. 

3.When you sign up to the Happy Healthy Nutrition Club or a Coaching program you agree and understand that any of your posts in the membership Club page can be used for future marketing.  

4. By becoming a Happy Healthy Coaching client you agree to follow the recipes and nutrition advice given by your assigned nutritionist/coach to your best ability to get the best results.  

5. To get the most out of the Happy Healthy Woman's 3-month Nutrition Clarity Coaching program or any Happy Healthy Coaching program/product you understand that joining the VIP Facebook members community is essential for nutrition education.  

6. By signing up to the Happy Healthy Coaching program you agree and understand that all information and recipes are written for the general population and some recipes and advice might not suit your personal needs, goals and/or lifestyle. Happy Healthy recommends a personalized nutrition program for best results and with our coaching programs and meal plan packages your personal needs will be discussed during the consulting process with one of our qualified Nutritionists/Coaches.  

7. Refunds will only be given to people who can prove they have tried the recipes and been a part of the on-line learning community, as well as taken part in on-learning and participated in all of their one-on-one monthly consults to make positive health changes and to get desired results.  

8. You understand that Director of Happy Healthy PTY LTD- Jessica Lowe is not a clinical nutritionist, however, has studied both Nutrition and Fitness with Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. Jessica Lowe believes that prevention is better than cure and her programs are designed to improve people’s general health and wellbeing. The Happy Healthy Nutrition Club and Happy Healthy Coaching programs are designed with the intention to help people live healthier lives by preventing obesity related health issues that are caused from eating a poor diet.  

8. a) When you sign up to a Happy Healthy Coaching Program or buying a meal plan you might be referred to other allied health professionals to best suit your personal needs.

9.Jessica Lowe and Happy Healthy PTY LTD take no liability for sickness, illness and/or any losses that might be caused from a change in diet or use of recipes provided. If you suffer from any clinical/medical illnesses/sickness/diseases Happy Healthy PTY LTD and Jessica Lowe advise you consult your GP before a change in diet. 

10.Happy Healthy PTY LTD takes no liability for miss interpretation of recipe guidelines and/or nutrition information or advice provided.  

11. Happy Healthy PTY LTD advises you consult your GP or medical professional before changing your diet.  

12. Happy Healthy PTY LTD advises that general advice may not be right for you.  

13. Jessica Lowe is not a clinical nutritionist and therefore any advice given by Happy Healthy PTY LTD does not cater for people with diabetes, clinical illness, allergies, or intolerances.  If you have Clinical conditions they must be communicated in the consulting process. Zoe Cooper is the appointed Clinical Nutritionist for Happy Healthy and therefore if you have Clinical conditions she is the best coach for you. Jesasica Lowe is also qualified in NLP and is the best for mindset issues related to eating. Please select the best coach for you.

14. You understand that Jessica Lowe is a qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach who has a passion for healthy cooking and wants to share this passion with the world. The Happy Healthy Nutrition Club is a product of this dream! All nutrition coaching packages are designed to give the client the best advice that will suit their lifestyle for best results.